Enogin is a cross platform development and design company, specializing in multi platform, development and design.

Apple Applications Windows Applications Android Applications

Web Applications

We specialise in custom hybrid, native and web applications for both mobile devices and desktop environments including development and implementation of Content Management Systems (CMS) and API's.
HTML 5 Javascript CSS 3

Web Design

Web Design and Cross Platform Development
With the web-browsing platforms that are available today, it is important to ensure that your content is available to as many internet devices as possible. Whether it be on a desktop, laptop, mobile phone or tablet, the website will be accessed by a large variety of web browsers running on differing operating systems. Our Cross-platform development ensures that all of these unique viewports are considered and that the UX and UI design is tailored, resulting in what is now known as Responsive Design.
User Interface (UI) Design
We design custom user interfaces (UI & UX) for websites, devices, and software applications, always taking into account, the users, their needs and expectations. We focus on, ease of use and creativity presenting content while ensuring scalability across multiple devices.

Web Hosting

Enogin provides hosting for websites and databases including email. Our servers are located and fully supported in state-of-the-art hosting facility which is climate controlled with 24 hour security and monitoring including fire protection, UPS and backup power generator with full backup procedures run every day.
Standard Hosting
Unlimited Traffic
10 GB Disk Space
200 Mailboxes
Advanced Hosting
Unlimited Traffic
15 GB Disk Space
500 Mailboxes
Master Hosting
20 GB Disk Space
1000 Mailboxes
All monthly totals are including VAT.

Our Clients

Below are a few of our clients that utilises our service.
Our services range from Web Hosting to UI Design, Web & Application Development, CMS Solutions and Graphic Design.

  • Lombard Avocados
  • bitsware.co.za
  • bahiahondaclub.com
  • quickpark.co.za
  • huntsflorida.com
  • humkoop.co.za
  • africanluxuryvacations.com
  • kidzpositive.org
  • safariguides.com
  • http:pidesign.co.za
  • vocallnet.co.za
  • 543.co.zm
  • isabelina.co.za
  • craftbrewerspowwow.co.za
  • softtops.co.za
  • limnosbakers.co.za
  • stevekrenzen.net
  • https://www.bevplus.com
  • essaygifts.co.za
  • maps-consulting.co.za
  • Team Avocado
  • tshukudulodge.co.za
  • seasonsfind.com
  • asherproperties.co.za
  • genesis-eco.com
  • Devonport Lighting
  • genap.co.za

Contact & Support

"All of our products and services are fully supported by us free of charge.
Give us a call anytime between 8am - 5pm on weekdays or send us an email."